Remodeling Process

How we prepare projects

Remodeling Process

Remodeling is a big event, whether it’s a room or your whole house, and most projects require similar steps. This outline will help you be prepared.

Step 1: Design

Step 2: Implement

Step 3: Confer

Set the ground rules for your project between you, the contractor, and the job-site supervisor. Figure out a communications plan:

  1. Decide who your primary contact person is (usually the job-site supervisor).
  2. Place a contact notebook in a prominent location; review it each day for comments from the crew, and include your comments and questions as well.
  3. Set up a weekly contact schedule between you, the contractor, and the job-site supervisor.

Step 4: Set Up

Step 5: Demolish

Step 6: Rebuild

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    Integrated Design

    Our Services

    Bathroom remodeling

    Let us help create a spa oasis in your home. Whether it is a small half-bathroom for guests, or a large master suite with walk-in shower, deluxe shower systems, steam rooms and more, SOMAT Remodeling will help you create the perfect bathroom for you.

    Kitchen remodeling

    The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. This is the one area of the home where all family members, friends, and guest often gather. At Somat Remodeling, we strive to make the large undertaking of remodeling your kitchen as easy and worry-free as possible.

    Home remodeling

    For a remodeling of a home or an addition, the process could take a little more time, at the first meeting we listen to all your ideas or read the drawings, if that is the case, and then, in the negotiation of the estimate, we prepare the affordable price for both.

    Basement remodeling

    In this place of the house you the chance to create a gym, playroom, man cave or any other, at Somat we transform many dark and unfinished basement in a beautiful multi-purpose room, installing a new floors, movie theaters connection, fireplace, bar including a wine room and more.